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I cut a lot of corners with my wedding. We let everyone have about a week's notice that we were going to do the ceremony. We got married on top of a mountain, right out on the cliff part. So it was a free place. (no charge). My dad did the ceremony (he's a minister) so there was no charge there either. We had all our friends take pictures (they're not professionals, but it doesn't matter to us). We did a pot luck type of reception at a local park over looking a large lake (which was free as well).

We even went to dinner that night at a local resteraunt (we took a cab), and because we were still in our "dressy" clothes from the wedding, the cab driver gave us the ride for free. (I think we even got a little discount on the meal because of it -- it's just a small local owned resteraunt though, so I wouldn't say it would happen to everyone)

I found my dress at the Salvation Army for about $10 a few days before the wedding. I so love that dress. It was perfect!!!

I'd say we only spend a total of maybe $100 dollars on the entire process. (From planning, to the cab ride home after dinner)!!

Talk about frugal.! :p

Although ours turned out so well, I don't think everyone should give their guests less than a week's notice! (It was very hectic - but the stress didn't last long)

Good luck, though, on the wedding!
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