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What Our City Did Today

Volunteers planted 2,199 flags in honor of each person killed during the 9-11 attacks. They will wave through tommorow night. I'm sure there will be other things planned like candle light vigils and of course our flags will fly at half staf tommorow.

Thank you Tami for posting about wearing the Red, White and Blue I had forgotten and reading this tonight gave me time to find my dh's red,white and blue tshirt for work tommorow.

I had taken our American flag down for the year after Memorial Day but have it back up for tommorow.

Where was I? I was a receptionist my dh same company technician. My purchasing agent saw it on his computer and we all gathered around to see what had happened. Several people had small tv's in the office so we listened throughout the day to what was happening around the country. Very scary and my phones rang off the hook that day as family and friends called in to our company to make sure our employees were o.k. (we're a military facility). Although we are privately owned we service military parts. I have never been so overwhelmed and saddened that anyone could hate our American people that had never done anything to them.. it was such a age of innocence for me before 9-11 I had no idea there were countries out there that hated us enough to kill us. Gone forever is my life long dream of going to Egypt.

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