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Pinkie Winky Pierced body parts

I have to say that I love my tattoos and piercings! As a "conservative" Christian mother of three I am definitely the most colorful person at church (tattoo wise anyway!)! I have my belly button and eyebrow pierced. I have had my belly done for like 7 years now. It went through three pregnancies without even so much as a stretch! I thought it looked like one of those turkey things that tell you when your turkey is done during my ninth month! When the ring stood out I knew my "little turkey" was done! LOL! I got my eyebrow pierced on new years day in Key West on my honeymoon (10 years after we got married). I can't say my family loves it, but I have gotten so many compliments from different sorts of folks and I love it - so I guess that's all that matters. I think everyone at church likes it too since there isn't anything in the Bible that says it's bad because I am not doing it in a spirit of rebellion. I would agree that the tongue is a bit much since 1) it cracks your teeth 2) it's annoying to watch someone play with it constantly 3) I don't think you ever talk normal again Although I could be wrong on that one. I have thought about getting the inner ear done as well, but not sure. I have the top of my ear done as well and that took FOREVER to heal. Don't think I want to go through that again. Well, God Bless!
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