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My boys are stepkids and it took several years for them to fully understand the rules of the house but they know them now. They know that they have to ask before anyone comes over. I also have made it very clear that if they have their friends over they are expected to follow the rules of the house. I don't allow them to get loud and there is no horseplay in the house. If someone can't live by the rules then the boys know that they won't be allowed back. There has only been one kid that I can remember who wasn't allowed back. The boys are 4 years apart. When they were younger I wouldn't allow them to have friends stay over on the same night. If one had someone staying over then the other would have to wait either till the next night, or move it to the next weekend. My older son has a couple friends that he has known for quit a while now and they are well indoctrinated in how they are expected to behave and I never have any trouble with them. My younger one has always been the rowdier one so I put a little more brake on him. He usually only has one friend over at a time. I wouldn't have any backoff on letting one of their friends know that his behavior wasn't acceptable. My boys know that so they seem to handle it themselves before I have too. That would be too embarassing I guess. It works.
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