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I was posting on the old thread when Barb closed it! lol

Today is Bonte's 2nd birthday!

Sharon, so our tax dollars are paying for this woman's van and house while her kids do without and she is able to play around at night with her boyfriend. I wish they would make people do work for the city if they are getting Welfare. I think they are healthy enough to play around with their boyfriends, they are healthy enough to do some sort of work.

Barb, that is funny about the baby squirrel.

One of the students I attend school with is a Child Protective Services investigator. I remember last semester us talking about that cult of kids they brought to our area and investigating. We were asked by the professor what we thought of the situation. I said that if what we were hearing about a single call from a single girl with claims of abuse, then they were way over-reacting! I said that taking out several hundred children away from their parents and their culture, which did not allow them to use some of the modern day conveniences that we use, was cruel unless they had enough evidence that something serious was going on. Of course, they proved that nothing bad was going on and had to return the children. The children suffered at the hands of the protective agency.

Personally, I have turned in a child who had a swollen anus, black and blue bruises on his back and legs, and so on. His doctor even told me he scolded the mother. I called CPS, who called the family and asked if they were going to be home on such-and-such day as they needed to visit them. They warned them they were coming and why!!! Of course, they kept the kid in hiding until his bruises cleared up. The next kid, I did not turn in. When CPS visited me, they asked me why I didn't turn him in since the new baby sitter did. They reminded me it was against the law to not turn it in. I told her to go ahead and have me arrested as I would bring up in court why I didn't turn it in. She defended herself by stating the reason she called to make sure the family was home was because she didn't want to make the long drive if the parents weren't home! Hello? You can ask the person who turned it in and I am sure she would know. I told her that it is worse on the kids to be investigated and then not protected as the parents take it out on the kids for getting caught. She never had me arrested and she did nothing about the second kid too. He was 5 and having to cook all his own meals and drag his daddy home from the bar ever night. It was very sad.

Well. I've got to get one more cup of coffee and then take a shower. I have to meet my friend with the testing kit and then test my SIL.