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I have always limited my 3 dks to only two activities at a time, mainly because with 3 dks and me being the only one available to drive them, I just couldn't be everywhere at once. My dd always did dance and drama. Ds1 did soccer and track, ds2 does track and this year may try soccer. they have tried other sports of the years and always finished a season but ended up sticking with the sports they liked best. I wish my dks had learned to play an instrument but they never really asked to. Ds1 is not teaching himself to play the guitar. I offered to get him lessons but he wants to teach himself so I am letting him. I think kids need down time as much as they need to be involved. They need time to unwind, daydream and even be bored sometimes to stimulate their creative side. I like Barbszy's idea of letting her ds decide on how many activities he can do in high school because that gives him independence and teaches him how to set limits and not over commit, all useful skills in college and in work. Younger children definitely need more guidance. I used to work as a nanny for 3 children and they were so over scheduled they used to cry and ask me not to make them go to whatever was the next activity or lesson. I vowed never to do that to my own children.
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