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I agree with you all that the situation was handled very well!!! I have some older kids also, so I have other rules to add, no swearing, I know they will do this when I am not around, but I do not want my 3 yo to pick up on the bad words!!! When I do catch them swearing, I ask them to tell me what it means, they become very embarassed...but they never swear around me again!!!

The other rule I have is one friend per child at a time, inside, and house has to be clean before they are allowed in...including bedrooms, and all "messes" must be cleaned up before they are allowed to exit!!!!! As I tell my kids when they are at someone elses house they must do the same...make sure upon exiting the house looks as nice or nicer as when they entered!!!!

As for outside that is a different story, they are allowed to jump on our tramploine as long as they have cleared it with their parents...and no wrestiling!!!! and the pool, when I come out with 3 yo, the splashing stops, they may stay in but I make it boring so they get out

I do not hand out snacks or drinks, unless they are a "special" visitor, but not to just the playing neighbors, that would get to be too much...we have about 20 kids just on our street!!!! And with the varying ages of my kids, over half of them end up in my yard!!!!

That is my two cents!!!

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