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Barb--when we lived in Alabama we had a pool. (We do here too so expect some "visitors" this summer as well) and lots of kids wanted to swim. We had very firm rules about behavior and when some new kids came to swim I laid out ALL of the rules in FRONT of their mom. One hard fast was NO jumping onto the floties since one of those was MINE and it was expensive. Mom made sure they agreed then she went home. I went out about 30 minutes later and one of them had decided to use my floating chair as target practice. It had a hole in the foot and he was trying to jump through it. Of course he destoryed it. I blew up and ordered them out and home. I told them they weren't welcome to come back until they either brought their mom to explain to her what they had done in front of me or they came back with the money to replace it. Neither happened but they also never tried to go swimming at our house the rest of the summer. I have no idea what they told their mom and didn't care.

It's YOUR house so you set the rules otherwise you won't have anything sacred.

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