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you did great!

I am a teacher in a small community with a first grade son and that has its own ups and downs when it comes to visitors.

One thing I really try to make clear is that this is my home and they need to follow the rules of my house. My son knows this and he is expected to share the rules - no drinks in the living room, etc. He also knows that it is not much fun cleaning up after his friends, so that helps. (when they visited at younger ages).

It is a rule around here from most all of the parents, that we check with each other to make sure where are children are and we follow up to make sure they are following the rule - don't follow them - you don't go to the friends house. There are hardly ever "drop ins" because of the distance between friend's homes so our "visiting" times are more planned.

When I know that we are going to have over a friend that tends to be somewhat of a problem, I make sure my presence is well-known and I still use a baby monitor from the playroom to the kitchen. If at all possible, I plan outdoor activities on those days - much easier for me to supervise and clean up is easier.

Regardless, you did an awesome job of handeling this as a mom it is always a tuf call.
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