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body piercings

I had always wanted my navel pierced. So after my sixth baby I went out and did it. I remember my husband at the time came home and said what did you do today on your day off. And me trying to be sly replied, oh I paid the bills, went to the bank, got some groceries, pierced my navel, picked things up at walgreens and he yelled wait! Back up. What did you just say. I was busted but he didnt really care. He thought it was cute. I loved the ring and wore it proudly. Then 3 weeks later I found out I was pregnant with baby number 7! I left the ring in out of defiance. But in my 8th month we had to take it out because it was pushing through the skin my belly was so tight. After the baby was born I went back and got my navel repierced. It didn't hurt me either time, but then when my daughter had hers done, it hurt her bad. I had wanted my eyebrow done and two of my sisters went out and got it. They looked awful, as someone else has said, only certain people can pull that off. So I said no way to the eyebrow done. Same with the nose, I like the small little piercings in there, but hey my nose is big enough I dont need a piercing to distract more attention to it! No to looks awful and gets infected alot. My sister has her lip, labrae and tongue pierced. She talks funny, with a lisp, her lip was infected for 4 months. I would not do it, but that's me. I am happy with just my navel and my ears.
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