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Strategy & Simplicity: For Private School and College Funding

August 20, 2008

Strategy & Simplicity: For Private School and College Funding

With the U.S. economy nearing recession, gasoline prices soaring, and the student loan industry in turmoil, it has never been more important for families to identify their best strategy in which to pay for college.

Now, for the first time, a family’s best strategy can be delivered with refreshing simplicity.

Two of American’s leading experts on college admissions and education funding have combined their expertise in a new book entitled Strategy & Simplicity – for Private School and College Funding. The book, written by Troy Onink and Lloyd Paradiso, is aptly named -- offering sophisticated advice in a clear, easy-to-follow format.

“Our goal in writing this book was to consolidate and simplify the information that families should really focus on,” says Onink. “Then, through our innovative five-step process, the book can identify Your Best Strategy® to pay for college based on a family’s financial resources and eligibility for tax and financial aid benefits.”

Strategy & Simplicity offers a comprehensive look at how to reduce the overall cost of a college education. From the corporate executive/business owner to the single mother/widow, the book offers clear-cut strategies to help parents save thousands of dollars.

“This book is just as valuable to families making $50,000 a year as it is to those making $250,000” adds Onink. “We’re all about less stress and more strategy; less information and more answers.”

Additionally, Strategy and Simplicity covers topics ranging from 529 college savings plans to student loans and college admissions. Further, the book covers advanced topics, including how best to use corporate stock options as a tax-efficient way to help pay for college – the first-ever content written on the subject.

Simplicity & Strategy is $24.95, and is available through both the publisher’s website at , and For more information, please visit the publisher’s website at .

About the authors: Troy Onink is well-known in the financial services industry as an expert on education funding. He has spent 15 years as a financial advisor, consultant and mutual fund company executive -- helping families understand their “best strategy” to pay for K-12 private school and college (public and private). Lloyd Paradiso has more than thirty years experience as an independent educational consultant -- assisting families in determining the college that is the “best fit” for the student.

What they’re saying: “For the first time, America has a single resource with customized strategies from two of the foremost authorities on education funding and college admissions. The experts got together and got it right.”
-- Patrick Robison, CPA, Founder of Capital Analyst, Los Angeles
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