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Tami that is a really good idea! It was funny, last night both of my younger boys were complaining that their TVs were on the blink, one was having issues with the Nickelodeon channel and the other with his volume (rolling eyes). So I told them to turn off the TV and read. Boy the groans that came out of them! LOL

I love the comment about how the movie was disappointing compared to the books. They always are aren't they?? I had that same experience with "Eragon" as did thousands of other Eragon fans. HUGE disappointment, but my boys liked the movie as they hadn't read the detail rich novel that I did.

My boys have always had to have extra help reading, it's not really enjoyable for them. I wonder if I could get them to read more with this idea?

Aside from Harry Potter and Lemony Snickets, anyone have any ideas for books turned into movies we could start with?
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