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New Crayola Products for Back to School


During last year's back to school season, Crayola shipped 54.5 million boxes of 24-count crayons and more than 20 million boxes of 10-count markers. This year for back-to-school, Crayola is giving students new ways to flex their creative muscles by introducing a variety of cool tools that will spark a totally original school of thought. The new line includes an assortment of unique products to inspire children's imaginations, such as:

Pip-Squeaks Mix 'Ems Markers

With more than 250 color combinations, Mix ‘Ems allow kids to combine the science of color mixing with the fun of discovering new ways to color their world.
Kids can create an original color in a matter of seconds with a simple three-step process – cap ‘em, click ‘em, mix ‘em.
Each time the marker bases and caps are mixed, a unique color is made. Click the cap button and watch the marker base and tips exchange color in the mixing chamber.

True to Life Markers, Colored Pencils & Twistable Crayons

Magnificent color combinations previously created only by Mother Nature have been captured in the True to Life product line.
These unique tri-colored art tools combine a flawless mixture of high and low lights, which allows children to draw a vivid work of art with colors like Maui Sunset, Yosemite Campfire and Sahara Desert.
Now kids can realistically represent the majestic hues of their favorite nature scenes like grass, sand, fire, water and sky.

No Drip Paint Brush Pens

There’s no dipping, no dripping and no spilling with these new paint brushes because the paint is completely contained inside.
Formulated with the world’s most advanced washable technology, the paint washes easily from skin and most clothing.

Crayola 64 Box

The famous back-to-school staple is celebrating its 50th birthday this year with an extreme color makeover.
The introduction of eight new “Kids’ Choice Colors” allows children to head back to class with the hottest hues of 2008.


Crayola Back-to-School Basics


Crayola 64 Box
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