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Connie, believe me there are people in my little part of the world that don't like me either! I walk right past a home that has a 2X4 in the window that I know is meant toward my son. It says something to the effect of:
Hangman(with a guy being hung)
KL (my son Kevin L.)
DA (district attorney)
3-5 (years he thought DS should have got)

There is one home where a little girl that went to school with my DD, that DD didn't care for, and did not play with, and the little girl kept telling on her for not playing with her. And the school tried to discipline my DD for it! I think not, the best thing to me if personalities clash at that age is to try to avoid each other. And now the family hates us for it.

Heck, my next door neighbor has in a round about way called me a slut! And gross that I have a child to a man that is not my husband! Which is my first child, when in fact she has a child to man that was not her husband at the time(her third child) and now she is supposedly with the father!

But, you know what I laugh when I pass those people, what do I care!

Anyway, dval, I know our HS does not have an indoor track. Heck they don't even have enough classrooms, and I am looking to the future of what will happen in the next few years, as to where they are going to put all the kids moving into our district!

Sammi, yes, I really don't like exercise either, but, I feel so much better when I walk, more energy!

It is so nice to see so many other walkers. As of right now, my plan for winter is to walk earlier in the day, in the afternoon, when it is not too cold. I am thinking maybe like real feel of 30-35*, we will just bundle up!

When I was young, I always said I wanted to be someone...I guess I should have been more specific!
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