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Medicines for less.....

Craftchick, I take Armour thyroid too, and get 100 pills for $7 at my pharmacy. Check out stores online, too, and see what you can do.
It is to my thinking that your employer is responsible for paying for your meds or your temporary insurance, as it was THEIR mistake. Have a talk with your attorney, or just go to your CEO/president and present your case!

Originally Posted by craftchick
Hi Lorimae and Bluebird
It has been very hard on my body, weightgain, fatigue, hairloss,depression, etc. My employer made a mistake and cancelled my insurance and is not allowed to reinstate me, even if it wasn't my fault, I have to wait for open season again, then the new ins. starts in Jan. I will look on the website you both gave me and see what I can do. I will take any advise.

Thank you,
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