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Barb, I wanted to tell you that the chicken scratch instead of wild bird seed thing was kind of a bust, only the squirrels and rabbits like it, the birds hate it! Dh had bought me one 50 lb. bag and it was $11 so not really cheaper than the bird seed. I think the regular price here is $5.99 for 20 lbs. I usually get it at Target. Also on the scientific graphing calculator I was reading on the Simple Times newsletter this week that someone was able to get one for $70 with store sale and rebate. Others had bought them used on Ebay and even pawn stores. One of the other cool tips I read (although I don't think it will apply to you since your kids go to a smaller private school) was that some schools buy these calculators and rent them to students for $10 per semester.

Another kind of frugal idea that my dd1 and I were discussing this week applies to her but not really me. Her dh is a wildland firefighter and makes good money in the summer being gone on fires then they just "get by" in the winter. She was talking about stocking the cupboards and freezer and trying to think of other ways to stock up before her dh sees how much extra money is in the bank account and blows it on junk. I suggested she buy Target, Wal Mart or Visa gift cards to put away for winter shopping. She is also doing some Christmas shopping now.

On the morning news the weather man was saying today is "Llamas Day", meaning we are halfway through summer, the opposite of groundhog day in February. I'd never heard of this before.

Tomorrow we have a BBQ/Going Away party for dd2's dh, he is leaving for Navy boot camp this coming Wednesday.