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For school supplies, I usually buy when they are on sale or clearance, I stick to the notebook paper, pencils, color pencils, crayons and erasers. If I find a cool backpack and DS likes it, we get it on mark down. This year no luck, will have to pay full price.

The teacher requested supply list, we also have the name brand listed, but they will accept the store brand as well. We have had a few that griped, but if you don't want it, then we will take it back home. Yes, I did use that with a "Name brand conscious" teacher before.

Our school system has gone to a type of uniform dress code, but it isn't really. They have to wear a polo style shirt or dress shirt and they all must be tucked in from 1st grade to senior high. Last year is was solid shirts only, but this year they will allow some strips. The pants have to be blue or khaki or jeans. (not faded or too washed). It has been a pain, because I don't feel that this has to an issue at the school. If the 10% that had droopy pants and wore the shirts 3 sizes too big, were asked to dress correctly, we wouldn't have this dress code. (We wouldn't want to single out anyone here!)

sorry got on a touchy subject!
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