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Doctor wanted me to try the oxygen, but I had no insurance way back then. Now, I have too many kids and not enough money for me to be going to the Dr about these. lol
Mine start on the left side, eyes water, nose gets runny, yeah, classic, huh?
My mother had them as well. She made up her own ice bag, sand wrapped in fabric, and kept it in the freezer. Those bags helped me get through sometimes. It molded to whatever shape I felt I needed to press my face into at the time.

Originally Posted by ddstaylor
Wow, I have finally found another woman with clusters! It is so rare that women get them. Mine are in my right eye and my nose starts to run and I can feel the pressure just before they start. Mine are usually in the morning sometimes as early as 3 or 4 a.m. If I can get to my oxygen before they get a grip, I can stop them. If not, sometimes B.C. powders (I think that is a southern thing because I could not find them on the west coast) seem to help. They have a lot of caffine and these headaches like caffine. I think it helps to compare notes with others that have them -- any scrap of information helps! Thanks to all for sharing.

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