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Rules for visitors?

I had to tell my kids yesterday that the Kool Aid Mom has left the building.

I try to be hospitable to my kids' friends. I welcome them into the house (except when the 1 year old is napping). I remind them to check in with their parents when they come into the house, so their parents know where they are. I give them a snack and a drink. I do ask them to help clean up any mess they make (these kids are 5th graders and 1st graders).

Yesterday I had 4 visiting 5th grade boys in my house, who had wandered up the street a couple at a time. 2 of them were new to me. They played video games for a while. Then one of them decided he needed to call his girlfriend. Well once I got wind of that, I informed him that if he had to call his parents or babysitter it was OK, but personal calls to other friends should be made from HIS home phone.

Then they went outside. After a bit I put the baby in the playpen so I could take them out some drinks and chips. I found that the boys had already helped themselves to the contents of my back-porch refrigerator. I informed them that it's polite to wait until the host offers a drink, or at least to ask permission. I asked them to throw their cups and the chip bag in the trash when they were done. That did not happen. Cups everywhere on my porch. A broken porch chair, porch carpeted in chips....and a soda bottle left open that I didn't notice, so this morning when I did find it I had a 3/4 full 2 liter bottle of flat 7-up.

It all fell to pieces when one boy hit another one, and they started trickling home. DH told the one who was hitting that he is not welcome here if he can't keep his hands to himself.

How do you all lay down the law when your kids' friends visit? I can't be where they are all the time. I have 3 children including a busy toddler, and the normal household things need to get done. I expect that once they are 10 or 11 they don't need the same kind of supervision a toddler would!!!!!!!
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