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I agree with the eyebrow looking good on only some people lucky for me I get compliments all the time so I guess I'm one of those lucky people There is a girl I work with whose got infected and there is a big lump under her eyebrow who says its not infected just irritated shes better off taking it out.

Lip ring I think they look stupid as well but hey who am I too judge.

Tongue ring- how long has your cousin had theirs done for?

Nose I tried as well in fact I pierced it myself and put a small diamond in it. It didn't look bad but it feel out. I was 19 at the time and on the freeway. My friend pulled over on the freeway for me to look for it. Stupid it was soo small that the second I stood up it was going to fall and never be found anyway needless to say trying to merge back on the freeway hwy 410 the death loop they ended up hitting a stranded car on the side of the freeway. The air bags deployed and I got a seat belt burn... It was not fun. I never put the nose ring back in.
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