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I think these headaches are all a vicious cycle. They stress you out because you don't know when the next one will hit -- you worry you will be driving and have a wreck. Then the worry leads to more stress which triggers more headaches which leads to less sleep which leads to more headaches . . . a never ending merry-go-round! Sometimes you want to give up. I did have a good neurologist at first who was also a cluster sufferer. He could look at me and tell if I was about to have a headache. He also had a "potion" that he prescribed that was only available at the pharmacy at his office. Then one day -- poof, he was gone, so was the potion and my records -- he had been disbarred or what ever they do to doctors. Don't know what it was he was giving me to snort but it worked ! LOL guess that could have been part of the reason he had to quit practicing. I also noticed toward the end that he was having trouble keeping up with what meds he had me on and he also put me on too much lithium -- I was really a zombie. But for a while I was in no pain. Hope he is doing okay with his headaches.
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