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Oxygen Levels

My husband is quite heavy also and has a very short, thick neck. He was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea, which is quite common in people who are overweight. At night when you sleep your muscles relax and if you have excess tissue it closes off your throat and you cannot breath. You can also have excess tissue in your nose with a very small hole to breath through. He would stop breathing l00's of times a night. This caused oxygen deprivation, which in turn affected his red blood cell count. This can lead to all kinds of problems with your heart and even diabetes if not treated. He underwent an outpatient procedure and they trimmed his tongue on the sides and the back and also trimmed both nostrils inside the bridge of his nose to open up his airway. This is done with a small electrical probe and the worst after effect is a sore throat for a couple of days. He immediately began to get better. You might tell your friend to have him put through a sleep study to see if that is the problem.

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