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There are a lot of reasons your friend's dad could be having troubles with his blood counts. There are several different measurments of "Oxygen levels" in the blood. Depending what is causing the decrease in his levels there are different treatments to improve the oxygen saturation levels.

Sometimes there is a problem with the hemagloben itself; the protein that coats the red blood cells. This is the "magnet" that holds onto oxygen molecules in the blood stream and transports them throughout our bodies. If there is a problem with the hemagloben, then the magnets aren't strong enough to hold onto the oxygen for delivery.

Or if there is a decreased red blood cell count, then the transport of oxygen is diminished..there aren't enough "taxi's" available to deliver oxygen to where it's needed. That will decrease the oxygen count.

Or there could be a problem in the lungs. The oxygen could not be getting into the blood stream the way it should due to diminished lung capacity, fluid accumulation or other obstructive processes.

Also the heart might simply not be up to the job of delivering the blood to the lungs as effectivly as the body tissue needs it to. So the body is using more oxygen than it is getting and it is "operating in the red" so to speak. The circulatory system runs at a defecit....

This is the best was I can think of to describe some of the various ways that a decreased oxygen saturation evel can occur. But a O2 sat level of 92% is not horrific..... 97% - 98%. is the normal range. If it was in the 80's I'd be scared....

It's hard when our parents get old, and we start to loose them. I know.

I hope your friend gets someone to talk to her. Contact the hospital's patient advocate or social worker and tell them you need explanations.

Good luck to your friend and her family.

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