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Hee hee Travel by Train - comforts

Originally Posted by barbszy
What's it like to sleep on the train? If you don't get a bunk, do you wake up all sore from sleeping in a seat?
I have had the great pleasure of traveling by train for both pleasure, and non-pleasure, and not including commuter train. The first tarin travel I did, was in 1997 w/my husband and we had a sleeper with out the attached bathroom, so it was quite an expierence! I found the sleeper to be difficult to sleep in for a few reasons, they being: I am much to tall (5' 5.5") to be sleeping in the top bunk (about 6" or so of space between bunk and ceiling, but not more then a foot), and the fold down/out table setting fit my hubby and I like we were trying to share a twin bed...Needless to say both spots made it difficult for anyone to roll over. At least neither of us had to drive so we both could enjoy the 24 X 7 scenery from Chicago, Illinois to Los Angelas, CA and Seattle, WA to Chicago, Illinois. The second trip wa in 1998, and I was traveling alone from Illinois to Washington for my grandfather...and I was traveling by chair, which by the way reclined enough to be comfortable for sleeping pleasures. I still had difficulties rolling over, but I personally found the chair to be more comfortable then the sleeper car was.
The only two perks I found for using the sleeper cars is if you have a need for private bath and/or have young children traveling with you. The other small perk is having meals delivered to your room - especially for travelers who have difficulties walking from car-car.

Great question though!
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