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chuckle Christmas in July!

Christmas in July is usually seen as a marketing opportunity when people take a day off from work to go shopping and partying. It is an unofficial holiday celebrated mostly by youngsters. During the month of July when Sun is too harsh with its heat, most of the people long for rain and much cooler temperatures. Holiday spirit accompanied by gift giving drives them to party, which mimic the celebration spirit of Christmas and hence, we come across Christmas in July.
Features of Christmas in July include, Santa Claus, ice-creams and other cold foods, and gifts. It is a time to pamper yourself when most of the shops announce “Christmas in July” sale. Inspite of such benefits, some people do not celebrate this time and for them, it is far less important than Christmas of December.

While Christmas in July is picking up in the United States, it is most likely that the holiday originated in Australia where it has been popular for some time. In some areas in Australia, July is a cold month. Perhaps the Australians began celebrating Christmas in July because they were “dreaming of a white Christmas”.

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Do you participate in any "Christmas in July" events? If so, what?

I've seen craft sales pop up during this time. Also, a lot of stores seem to run sales.

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