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ooohhh I like the play pen idea, I will have to get the pack 'n play out!

Although, finally last night Dad stepped in, or should I say received a series of blows from DS! Finally, well, not finally, but, Dad thought I was just being a jerk with DS. Until last night when he got hit several times, and DH repeatedly told him NO very sternly. And DS just laughed at him. Finally, DH got up out of his chair grasped his arm, and told him that was enough, DS did stop. So we will see how this goes.

I mean I have had a problem with my other kids hitting. But, that was when they were not getting their way, got mad at someone (all at "appropriate" settings). And we were able to deter it. But, this is just out of hand, he just walks up to someone and just clobbers them. And let me tell you it freaking hurts for such a young child! It does tend to escalate more so when he is tired, which is understandable, but, at other times, i just can't figure out why!

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