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The words I used when my children were little or use now with my dc children are more towards what they are doing is naughty, not them personally. Like I would say, "No biting, biting hurts!" I get down to their level and look them right in the face with a stern look. Or I might say, "No pinching. Not nice!" Young children usually only remember the last 3 words that you say so if you say something like "don't hit your sister" they hear "hit your sister" (and it can also put the idea into their head lol) But if you say 'Hitting your sister is not nice" they will hear "is not nice" Sometimes when a child catches us by surprise with their behavior, we often react first without thinking. I think the best we can do is try to let the child know the behavior is unacceptable and that we will not tolerate it. Getting down to their level, speaking in a firm tone, and when that doesn't work, a time out (playpens work well for toddlers who won't sit) or put an older child in their room with a baby gate or a closed door. (my pediatrician told me as long as I can hear the child and know he is safe, it is ok to close the door.
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