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I just went to meet with the surgeon and I was NOT happy with what occured. I still no nothing and he won't do a biopsy! He just dismissed me basically. All he did was press on my breast asking me to tell him where I could feel it. I told him but he was pressing on other parts. He said he could feel it but because they were less than 1 cm he didn't want to operate. I said, "So, I still don't know what it is"...he started talking to my mother who had come for support instead of talking to me. I'm 33 yrs old. I started getting upset because I felt that I was being ignored.

He wrote in the report that it was 'a normal benign tumor'. I asked, how do you know its benign without doing further tests?" He said, well if it was malignant it would've killed me by now. I told him I was in alot of pain. He said that the pain wasn't from the lymph nodes...mind you I have had doctors giving me meds for infections before and it isn't an infection, and it went from being a pin prick to being three. I told him that and he got annoyed and again started talking to my mother saying if I didn't like it she could take me to someone else, as if I were twelve.

He said, "Sorry you don't like what I'm saying to you."

My mother was happy because he said it wasn't cancer. I told her he didn't do a thorough investigation. My doctor sent me to him to have it biopsied so that we could KNOW what is is not guess. She got upset with me saying I was missing the point, he said it wasn't cancer. I said, "How does he know? He didn't do anything different than my primary doctor did. So, I'm in the same predicament and I'm afraid that my insurance won't pay for another test with him saying it was a 'normal benign tumor'.

I called my doctor and left a message that this doctor didn't do a thorough exam and that I thought he was going to biopsy it. My doctor will see it today. Hopefully he will send me to someone else or else it is just the same thing, I'm still in pain and I still have three masses that I don't know what it is.

Here is an article that shows that he ignored me very well...
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