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Originally Posted by TraceyMallett
So no need to waste your time doing a million crunches a day. What you need to do is start building lean muscles mass this is the key to changing your body in to a fat burning machine.

Buy a set of weights and a good exercise DVD and you're set.

Pedometers are also a great weight loss tool as it forces you to be more active. Aim for 10,000 steps a day!

So what are you waiting for go to the store and get some weights and I'll be here for you!
Thank you Tracey! I'm glad you told me about the crunches, believe me I would have tried that and been really frustrated.

As for buying weights, is there something I can use from around the house instead of buying weights? It's just not in the budget right now. Can I make my own out of something? I've heard of using soup cans, but I don't think they are heavy enough. Maybe I could fill Pringles cans with sand or something?
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