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Yeah, whats weird is that no one is really talking to me. My sister and I talked about it probably for about 15 minutes and then we talked about other things for over an hour. My friend hasn't called me since I told her and my mom and I haven't discussed it past me telling her. As a matter of fact when I told her, she said, "Okay, we'll I'm leaving and I'll call you when I get back."

I mean I'm glad I'm not dwelling on it because as of right now though it is a greater possiblity it is still unknown. But it just seems weird to me that no one is either calling me or talking to me about it. Its like its a regular day...

I'm up Thursday morning at 6 a.m. thinking about it as well as other things but it just struck me as funny that no one but my sister has talked to me about it further than the first initial conversation. Weird!
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