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Hi laddies,

Yes, this is a common topic especially after having children it's almost as if our tummy takes on a life of it's own. WE can reverse this with a little hard work and will power. However, the answer unfortunately is not in spot reduction by just doing crunches or abdominal work it's a combination of total body strength training and simply moving the body. Your body will not just burn fat in the one area that you're working on it will come off in all the areas that you don't care about first. Yes, it's very frustrating!!!! I always lose it off my chest first which is definietly not good for me So no need to waste your time doing a million crunches a day. What you need to do is start building lean muscles mass this is the key to changing your body in to a fat burning machine. Now this doesn't mean going to the gym everyday and lifting heavy weights on some fancy equipment. You can easily do it at home around yours and your family's schedule. As we get older we lose valuable muscle mass and replace it with fat which slows our metabolism down. Buy a set of weights and a good exercise DVD and you're set. You can make a lot of gains in small amounts of time so don't under estimate 10 minutes here and there....consistancy is the key! Pedometers are also a great weight loss tool as it forces you to be more active. Aim for 10,000 steps a day!
Amanda's best solution would be to do strength training as any kind of cardio will hurt your feet. Buy a tennis ball and place your foot on top of the ball and move your foot back and forth to self massage your foot....this will help! I know it's hard to get in to exercise when you see it as a chore but if you look at it as a way to make you feel better and improve your confidence I think you may learn to like it. When you start seeing results it will start to become a GOOD habbit, just like brushing your teeth in the morning.
I plan my workouts in to my weekly schedule so I know I can do it....otherwsie it doesn't happen. So what are you waiting for go to the store and get some weights and I'll be here for you!

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