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When we travel from GA to TX we say goodbye to the states we left. For instance when we arrive at the Alabama state line we say "goodbye Georgia, hello Alabama." The song continues on to "goodbye Alabama, goodbye Georgia, hello Mississippi." On our way home we say it in reverse. My children learned the order of the states in a fun way. We make up similar songs when we travel to North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, & Florida.

When we travel at night we try to name as many constellations as we can and we guess what type of vehicle is in front or behind us based on their headlights or taillights.

We play I spy.

My son makes origami figures and we guess what he made.

We look for as many different license plates as we can.

We take turns singing songs and telling our own version of The Three Little Pigs. They have lived in a lot of exciting places. I feel sorry for the big, bad wolf though.

We name as many trees and plants as we can.

We tell a story about living in someone else's house or town.

We look at the people in other vehicles to see if we recognize them.

We smile and/or wave at the people we notice are staring at us. They usually look away some smile or wave back. It's funny to see peoples' responses.
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