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Need advice-Not wanting to go to baby shower

I am hoping that all you ladies can give me at least advice if not direction here!

My niece is due at the end of July. Apparently they are having a baby shower for her, that I never got an invite to. I just got a message from my sister(mom of preg niece) Wanting to know if I am going to the shower and if I wanted to go together with her to get "baby" something nicer.

Now, here is my first complaint. My DS is only 1 1/2. I had just one week before she announced her pregnancy donated all my baby baby stuff to a resale store. When I told my niece that she just sort of stuck up her nose and said something in the line of Oh, oh well, I am sure I will get all new things anyway I don't think I would need it!! All the stuff I had was given to us that had only been used for one child, that is the stuff that was given to me. The rest I ended up buying brand new! I had a like new baby swing, a baby walker, a brand new baby bathtub, a breast pump, TONS of baby clothing.

And last I am a bit jealous of this shower! I will admit to that. My family never had a shower for me, not even when I had my first baby!?!?!? Why? I have no idea! Shouldn't this have been in the place of my Mom or my sisters? Okay, so I wasn't married when my first two kids were born, and I did have all the stuff left from my first born for my sencond born. But, my third child came 5 years later, and my fourth came 5 years after that, and my fifth came 5 more years after that. I leterally had nothing for my last child, I even had to get all new maternity clothing!

I do have to tell that I did not mind her bridal shower. Which I never had one of those. I think I didn't mind that due to the fact that DH and I moved in together before we married so no hard feelings there.

What are others thoughts on this, my niece and I are not close by any means.(not to mention, nor are my sister and I) I guess I just have a hard nose(jealousy) about this being that I never had a baby shower.

Am I being overly childish by not going for these reasons?

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