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Mish, my vet approves of homemade dog food. He thinks I am crazy to make my own dog food rather than buy it premade. lol But, Poncho is on a bladder stone diet, which is pretty nasty. Poncho isn't usually picky, but he will NOT eat the prescription diet food from the Vet's office. So, I had the Vet give me a recipe and I make my own. Many Vet's have a paper will all kinds of homemade diets for canines and felines. The treats are allowed, on occaision since they have allowable foods and no meats.

Many pet owners are making homemade dog food because of all the deaths from the store bought dog food. My Jet-Bo died from renal failure. He live another 15 months after he was diagnosed with renal failure as we put him on a special diet and meds. It wasn't until after he died that we discovered that many of the dog foods on the market were causing renal failure! By then, Jet-Bo was dead and hadn't been on the store bought dog food in over a year so I don't know if they caused it or not.
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