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Yay, Train! What is power oatmeal? I LOVE oatmeal. I eat it every morning, usually with a few golden raisins stirred in. So Mark got you a punching bag for your aggression? Really! Guess he was tired of explaining his bruises, huh? LOL You know I'm kidding. I agree that the doctor gave you good advice in planning a day ahead for your meals.

Well, after all the talk about yummy watermelon, I have to say if they are that expensive, I don't think I'll be eating many of them this year! We have been getting boysenberries from our plants, so we've enjoyed them. We have two pomegranate trees with fruit, but it won't be ripe for quite awhile. We have two black mission fig trees, ditto. I have digressed! Where were we? Oh yes, congratulating Train, who richly deserves it!
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