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I remember weaving those construction paper placemats for Mothers Day and making tissue paper roses for a corsage. When my kids made the placemats, their teacher had them put clear contact paper over them as a laminate so we could re-use them.
Did anyone else get to make pinatas (sp)? We blew up a big balloon and made a flour and water paste. Then we'd tear newspaper into strips, dip them in the paste and layer them on the balloon until it had about 3 layers on them. Sometimes we'd use more balloons to make a different shape. It would take a long time to dry it seemed, but usually 2 days. Then we'd paint it,let that dry, stick a long needle down the top to pop the balloon inside. we'd leave a a smsll area on top so we could put the candy and toys in it. We had more making it than busting it!

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