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I don't know if I agree with the "girls are easier to train than boys" idea. I have trained four boys so far, and my girl is not training any easier. But, as soon as this box of diapers is gone - maybe before, since I have one more in diapers that can use them eventually - I plan to stick her into underwear. Thought I might skip the pullups with this one.

On the mornings when she wakes up dry, I encourage her to sit on the potty chair. Some days she'll sit, but it takes her anywhere from one to four hours to finally let it out! Sometimes she just cries and carries on about not wanting to sit on the potty.

The other night I took her out of the tub, wrapped her in a towel and walked her to her room to get into her jammies. Suddenly she said, "the peepee has to come out!" so I encouraged her to hold it in and carried her back to the bathroom. She sat on the potty and relieved herself in a matter of minutes - wasn't much, but at least she recognized the feeling and let it out at the appropriate time!

My fear is that she'll hold it in and then when she has an accident it will be a flood! I don't have a carpet cleaner, either.

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