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Wow!!! lots of memories here. I used to cut the people from magazines to make paper dolls too, but remember the Betsy McCall paper dolls from the McCalls magazine. I pasted the dolls on cereal boxes & then cut them out to make them stiffer. My favorite paper doll was Shirley Temple.

I also made the mud pies.. "borrowed" Mom's cookie cutters to make different shapes & left them in the sun to get hard. Played hopscotch for hours.. we didn't have a sidewalk so we made our board in the dirt. Mom made me corn husk dolls & yarn dolls too. Mom made all my clothes so there was always plenty of scraps for me to make doll clothes with. We played kick the can & Run Sheep Run.. similiar to kick the can, but one person on one side would hide their group & then come back & draw a map for the other team to follow. When they got close to where someone was hiding, the person that hid us would yell "Run Sheep Run & everyone would race back to the safe zone . I could go on for hours with all the things we did when we were kids, but would take up alot of space here. LOL. Thanks all for the great memories!!
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