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Darla, I don't make the # up...I ask them to give me a #...usually what they can do is put in all 000-00-0000's, now once you are in the system..there is nothing you can do...hopefully all their trash is shredded for numbers should be written down on a scrap of paper for them to enter in the computer later... they also can put # on there are ways to help people but they like the SS#....

Another thing we do is get our credit report....have a fraud alert put on it and no one can open an account for you without calling you first, and they have to ask a special question.

Too bad things are getting worse now, instead of better, we just have to try and protect what you have earned...a good credit rating.

There are alot of new laws in place now to address the crime of identity there is help is just slow moving.

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