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pull ups & the potty

when my grandson was 2 or3 he took his diapers off so his momsaid time for pull ups & the potty. He kept using the pull ups like diapers. when we told him he wore underwear now like a big boy. he said no it was a diaper that pulled on. we bought him real underwear. sure we had afew messys but he went to the potty better. talk to your child ask them why they go in pull ups . some kids will tell others will not but its worth a try. would like to know if it works for you. I always found that when I put any of mine(4)in underwear they took to potty training faster. plus they got extra baths. For me washing underwear was a lot better than diapers (the old cloth type). for me there was no use it and toss. hey try doing diapers in a bath tub for real. LOL tell and show your kids you love them and ask them questions I get my granddaughter to tell me a lot of things. With time and pastices you can get a long way. ENOUGH!!! color me gone
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