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Hi Jenni

It's hard to prove who you're "not." I had my purse stolen about ten years ago and they got some charge cards in my name and even used the ones that were in my purse. Also rented an apartment and had utilities turned on in my name and of course all the bills were left being owed so I was tracked down. Then the IRS contacted me because of a contruction job 1099 that I owed for. I'm not one to do construction, I sit behind a desk. Ha.

In your case I'd start out with filing a report to your Attorney Generals office and the Attorney General in the state where the accident happened. If it was a car wreck then the other person will know what the man looked like that was in the other car, get the attorney to give you the license plate number on the toyota and and run a check. You can also sign up with and for around $20 you can do a search under the license plate number, drivers liscense number, name, etc. That's how I found the people using my name. I also had to get all the records showing where I lived at the time, worked, bank records and all so that there showed activity on the dates that other things were happening in the other state. It's a nightmare and some people never get thier name cleared but I got lucky and wouldn't stop. If your husband can show proof he can get a new drivers license number and social security number and I did that after filing a report with the police department. Best of luck to you.
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