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Happy face low fat baked fish

We live on an 80 acre private lake so we eat a LOT of fish so baking times will vary according to size and type of fish but here is my recipe.

Plain fat free yogurt
lemon pepper seasoning OR
OLD BAY seasoning

Add enough yogurt in bowl according to pieces of fish, add either seasoning....dip fish in this mixture coating each side well. Lay fish in baking dish, sprinkle with FRESH (if possible) Thyme and bake accordingly!

I tried RoseMary, Dill and other herbs and nothing taste as good as the that is the only way I will eat fish. Fish is very healthy but not if it's loaded with breading and then deep fried. This is really excellant especially for bass because to me bass has a very different taste and with this recipe, it makes it taste a whole lot better!
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