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Tell Her ASAP

Mommyof 3, tell her, as soon as you can. Like now! And, one thing to maybe do is, to lead her in the direction of your current husband is her Daddy, not her father? Anyone can be a father, it takes someone speical to be a daddy!

I am/was in your same situation with my oldest DD. We waited until she was 14, big mistake. She is/was devastated that we "lied" to her all those years.

And after talking to her, let her decide if she would still like to have the same last name as you and your DH, than take it from there. If you do not have a father listed on her birth certificate you should not have to get consent for your DH to adopt her. But, my understanding is you will still have to go through all the proceedings just like an adoption.

When I was young, I always said I wanted to be someone...I guess I should have been more specific!
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