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Did I mention that I am also a Master Herbalist?

(Most) herbs humans use also works quite well on cats; you think catnip makes them silly, you should see what Valerian does...

Please use powdered or very small pieces. It is twiggy; and I would worry about it doing the same thing as chicken bones.

Also have quite a few rather large authoritative reference manuals on herbal and alternative medicine for animals.

I use herbs, homeopathy and etc on our 'Brood' daily and Saavik (our eldest, 16 in March) has not been to a vet since she has been under my care. My wife says that she is back to doing things that she hasn't since she was 4 or 5.

All I can say; is that her health and disposition improve daily and she has gone from SQUATTING (ie Squatter) the warmest place in our appartment - attacking any cats and humans who approached, to being a total nutcase who climbs, rolls, plays and jumps.

(When I first met her, she laid my thumb open to the bone when I wanted to let her sniff my hand. She now lays beside me and purrs....)
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