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Hi Melinda,

I am sooo sorry for you all, the loss of a family member, (yes, a cat is a family member...) like this is tragic.

Maybe I can give you a partial response, so it does not happen again.

When I married two years ago, I married a cat-lover, like myself. She had two cats (1 young SIAMESE !!! and 1 elderly,arthritic and tempermental) My two cats were (1 adopted stray and 1 jealous male - who hadn't quite "digested" the presence of another cat)

I am studying to be a Bach Flower Therapist. Dr. Bach's essences have worked wonders to resolve the emotional ups-and-downs of our family for years. I knew that this system also works miracles with animals... So I started using them with our cats.

Two years later, three of the four cuddle together and mutual groom, while the forth, rather than hiding in a corner, will be on a chair beside the others.

I started with Rescue Remedy (available in health food stores...) and worked from there.

The definative guide to Bach for Cats is as follows:

Emotional Healing for Cats by Stefan Ball and Judy Howard - a definite guide to helping cats with flower remedies. Understand your cat's mind, select the right remedies, and deal with a whole host of behavioural and emotional problems.

Good Luck
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