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Confused and not sure what to do!

Well not sure where to begin. I have three children. My oldest dd is 15 yrs old and sees her father all the time. My dd that is 5 yrs old doesn't know her father and I didn't know at the time that I was pregnant when her fahter and I broke it off. We never even got married.

Then my husband came along and we started dating. I found out that I was 5 months along. He has been there from day one. We have not told her anything about this. 2 yrs ago we got married and had a little boy. My son and I have my husbands last name and now my youngest dd wants hers to be the same also.

We have talked about adoption and/or just chaning her name. Her real father does not konw anything about her at all. It has been hard because she is always bringing it up that she has a different name.

My problem is when do we tell her that he is not her father? She only knows him as her father and nothing else. I am worried that someone will tell her before my husband and I can do that. Is there a right age to talk to a child about it?
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