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Pinkie Winky baskets

I like the berry basket idea, I hadn't thought of that. They would be cute if you stenciled them or dyed them as well.

One year for a playgroup we made baskets out of egg cartons. Using only the portion with the egg cups(cutting off the rest or putting it directly underneath the cup side for stability. We punch holes in the 2 longest length sides and attached a few pipe cleaners for the handle. Then the kids made bunny faces and we hot glued them on one side and a huge pompom on the other side. That way the kids knew when their basket was full they had gotten their quota. Each parent brought in 1 dozen filled eggs per child. They were all put together and hid by the adults not helping with the basket craft. When the craft was complete the kids went to seeking. This way it doesn't cost any one person a large amount. And you don't have to gamble on how many kids show if you'll have enough.

At my church, the kids look for a dozen of empty eggs (we bring our own baskets), then swap them in for a large egg which contains a silver dollar and an easter sheet to color.

Also, as if I haven't been long winded enough, what about the small bags at the dollar store, usually you can get 2 small ones for a $1.

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