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Whew!!!! Now that was a mouthful LOL. I only hear some of these if I'm watching a movie about Australia. Thanks for translating lol.

Originally Posted by megrayau
So G'day mate. Howzat Kathy? I reckon I hear about 5 of these little ripper sayings regularly. I mean strewth, anyone using them all would have to be a kangaroo short in the top paddock or a rip snorter, bonza kind of bloke. I mean good onya mate, ya'd have to be chock a block full of grog or bull (as in no-bull) to even av a go ya mug. Crikey, don't come the raw prawn with me mate, but it'd be a bonza day if me mates all said 'G'day mate, 'ow ya goin just before they drank me grog and said Hoo roo.
Fair dinkum that was a tough ask, but I think I got them all! LOL

Actually Minny, I say I reckon, goodonya, fair dinkum (occasionally) and too right. I don't think I even hear many of the others much at all. Contrary to popular opinion (and indeed the past subject of a discussion or two here) we actually speak English!! LOL
Thanks for posting it.