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Change can really add up!

In January I decide to roll all the loose change we had since it seemed every where I looked (in baskets, on dressers, car consoles) there was a pile of change or at least a penny. I had already been collecting my change and any found in washer, but DH had a terrible habit of just putting it in or on anything that was close. I gathered everything I found and started rolling, it totaled at $511.50. My husband almost had a heart attack when I told him. First, we made a deposit and second I invested in a automatic change roller. Now, my DH drops his change in the machine every day, I'm going to collect for a full year and see what the total is. I also, have hubby setting aside all his ones at the end of every week, since he just uses a new bill every time he buys something and when his wallet gets overrun with ones he comes to me to change 20 ones for a 20 dollar bill or the like. when they add up to $100 I'll deposit $50 into each kids savings. This way their savings will go up, but without any obvious dent in our budget.
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