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identity theft

Has anyone delt with identity theft who could give us advice?
Several months ago someone applied for a phone card in my husbands name and ran up $2,000 we got it cleared. Just this past week a lawyer in Florida has sent us a letter stating a law suit against my husband for an accident. The accident did not happen to my husband. But a person impersonating my husband driving a toyta we don't own. But has been registered in my husbands name. This imposter showed a driver's licence having my husbands identifing information. Right off the bat we got our credit report but there is nothing unusual on it. They are threatening to suspend my husbands license, This would be devasting since his job requires driving a company vehicle .How do we begin to get back his identity? How do we prove that we don't own this Toyta truck and that he was not driving. How do we track down the person responsible? PLEASE help!!!!!! jenni
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